January 2013, Installation time: 8 days

A family run logistics company based in Milton Keynes approached Bright Sparks Kwiklite division initially with a mind to reduce their maintenance costs.

Our FREE onsite survey quickly identified that if they looked at replacing their existing system with high efficiency lighting not only would they reduce their maintenance costs over the next 5-10 years but would reap greater rewards by reducing their warehouse energy over heads year-on-year.


Pay back took just 10 months

By re lamping their warehouse with Tamlite Energy efficient lighting systems they saved approx 89% on their annual lighting costs and removed their need for maintenance almost completely.

Combined with sophisticated controls, based on occupancy, absence detection and daylight sensors, not only were they able to save on their annual consumption but also increase their Lux output from 70 to 150 – resulting in 46% better light penetration. Making it much easier to carry out tasks and improving their working environment.

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